La Palma 'catches' palates with its gastronomy in Madrid Fusión

Intense days of work are being carried out by the team from La Palma that has attended the 19th edition of Madrid Fusión, the most important gastronomic event in Spain, to which the Isla Bonita has taken a representation of its main products, as well as chefs and restaurateurs.


Cheese and wines, avocados, almonds, bananas, gofio, aromatic salts, olive oil, artisan beers, mojos, old potatoes, yams, sweet potatoes, rum and honey are some of the products featured at Fusion. The public is being able to watch live the preparation of dishes made with products from La Palma by the 'gastronomic ambassadors' of La Palma.


This is the case of José Alberto Díaz Lorenzo, chef of the Restaurant El Sitio of the Hotel Hacienda de Abajo, who showed the attendees the traditional fish technique with a tropical flavour; the charms of the sea of the island and of his land.


Or what can be done by combining such 'palmeros' flavours as banana, avocado and almond. Pedro José Hernández Castillo of El Duende del Fuego Restaurant has been in charge of this.


Pastries were also present in Madrid with Rubén Medina Santos, from Pastelería Zulay, who showed what can be done with bananas, with a nod to the volcanoes of the Isla Bonita.